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By J Brock (FINN)

Alicia Castros remarks to the Latin American and UK media about how much better we would be under Argentine sovereignty could come straight from another planet but are engineered to get the less astute amongst us to believe her.

In reference to the interview with our new governor, H. E. the Governor Mr Colin Roberts, Ms Castro said: "He treats us as if we were subjects of the Empire, also showing disrespect, but this time to the truth. He affirms that there is a lot of resentment between the Islands' inhabitants because they feel the Argentine government bullies them."

It could be that harassment of tourist ships going to the Falklands is a sign of Argentine affection towards us. Are we reading them wrong and this actually is tough love?

Castro refuted the notion that aggressive measures were being taken against Falklands residents but turns a blind eye towards what actually happened on the ground. "They present us as causing hostility, but the British government invaded our islands in 1833 and expelled Argentine authorities by force. She said.

But it was the USS Lexington (a United States war vessel) in 1831 that drove out the Argentine Military. In 1833 four people left of their own free will and the rest stayed.

The entire international community, through the UN, recognises that a sovereignty conflict exists and the United Kingdom refuses to talk, despite the fact there are 41 UN resolutions urging both parties to negotiate," she explained.

However, we have offered to talk and the last time they were invited by our Foreign Secretary, the Rt Hon Mr William Hague MP, the Argentine Foreign Minister, Mr Hector Timmerman, refused to attend, using the presence of Falkland Islanders as an excuse.

As for her assertion that we would be better off under Argentine sovereignty, we can let the figures do the talking. Our inflation rate is not 10.9% like Argentinas but 0.6% in 2013. Argentinas unemployment rate was 6.4% in 2013, ours is 1.2%. Our GDP per capita is $55,400.00 and in Argentina it is $11,766.00. Add we do not depend on grant in aid either.

At present we have, through the Falkland Islands Government, the right to explore for and exploit our own resources, with no tax money going to the UK. Through the Islands Plan and our Capital Expenditure priorities we will use the money wisely to improve even more our quality of life. Regardless of the restrictions Argentina has put on our hydrocarbons industry we have managed an extensive exploration programme and will no doubt have equal success when it comes time to exploit our resources.

Mrs Castro fails to see that the role of Governor of the Falklands entails being the liaison between HMG and the Falkland Islands Government. If she bothered to read the Falkland Islands Constitution (2009) she would fully understand what powers the Governor has and what powers he doesnt have.

I get the feeling that under (Heaven forbid) Argentine sovereignty more and more governance and money would revert to Buenos Aires leaving us to be a poor province and dependant on scraps handed out by a highly corrupt government.

Its obvious as an articulated lorry that one of Mrs Castros jobs as Argentine Ambassador to the UK is to mislead the British public about the Falkland Islands. I hope we take note of this and continue to put the Falklands case to our own people in the UK, especially in Universities where Argentines are peddling their influence.

We have our homework to do as well. Lets get cracking.

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