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Falklands: Clickers Head-to-Head

Clickers Head-to-Head By Mike McLeod

For only the second time the Falkland Island Archery Association held an indoor head-to-head competition generously sponsored by Clickers Archery of Norwich from the UK, a leading supplier of all things archery related.

Three competitions were held. An open where everyone shot, a Ladies and Junior rounds. Each archer shot 5 ends of 3 arrows over 18m with the highest possible end score of 30. The archer with the highest end score was awarded 2 points. In the event of a draw, each archer received a single point each and the one with the lowest score, nil points.

The draw for the open produced an interesting line up, Steve Cartwright v Connor McLeod (jr), Sally Owen v Jav Lazo, Mike McLeod v Steph Thain, Kathryn McGeachie v Temis Smith (jr), Jack Cartwight (jr) v Jo Lazo and Justin McPhee v Jordan Francis (jr). To give the juniors a fair chance against the adults, juniors shot on 60 cm faces whilst adults shot on 40cm ones. Jack Cartwright produced the upset of the night knocking out Guernsey Ladies bronze medal winner Jo Lazo in the first round and took 4 points off the Club President - Justin McPhee before exiting in the second around. The quarter final ended up being an all adult male affair with Steve Cartwright eventually knocking out Jav Lazo 7 - 3 in a tightly contested final. Mike McLeod claimed third place out scoring Justin by a few points per end, often it was only by one point.

In the Ladies Competition, Steph Thain held the edge to beat all by taking Gold with Jo Lazo winning Silver in a 6 - 3 final. Sally Owen, a rising star in the club came in third place narrowly beating Kathryn McGeachie 6 - 4.

The Junior Competition went the Cartwright way with Jack not taking any prisoners and beating all who came before him. Jack first knocked out Connor McLeod followed by Jordan Francis to take the Gold medal. Jordan claimed the Silver and Connor took the Bronze. Temis Smith, a new member to the Club put up a spirited fight all night came away empty handed but should be proud of his efforts.

The Club would like to thank Clickers Archery for sponsoring the event, Margaret Butler for acting as Lady Paramount at the shoot. Margaret also presented the medals on behalf of Clickers, Tamsin McLeod for keeping the scores, and all those who helped to organise and run the event.

Open Competition Ladies Competition Junior Competition First Steve Cartwright Steph Thain Jack Cartwright Second Jav Lazo Jo Lazo Jordan Francis Third Mike McLeod Sally Owen Connor McLeod

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