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Falklands: Executive Council held on Wednesday 14 May 2014

Report on the meeting of Executive Council held on Wednesday 14 May 2014

Members in Attendance: MLA Elsby, MLA Rendell and MLA Summers

Members reviewed the policy and legislative task status reports which are presented quarterly, and noted progress. There were no matters causing major concern. A review of Employment Legislation was added to the policy task list. Papers from the last meeting to do with the extraction of calcified seaweed and the incorporation of SAERI were released as public papers.

Four matters were referred to Budget Select Committee. These were:

a) a proposal from the Director of Public Works to construct a further 30 houses for Government use on Sapper Hill. This was recommended by Exco, along with endorsement of a proposal for officers to manage and review the option of private sector development with leaseback as an option in parallel to the standard tender process;

b) the release of 5 contractor pool mobile homes to FIMCO on terms similar to previous agreements, and their replacement with 5 similar units to be purchased by FIG;

c) provision for an all-weather sports ground on the area in front of FICS, with an aspiration that the ground-works can be completed as a community project to contain the overall cost and create community ownership;

d) a proposal for the appointment of a waste management co-ordinator to enable the department of public works to make progress on waste management issues which are becoming pressing in some areas. In the meantime the department will seek to make better use of the glass imploder, introduce a trial of having an additional bin for dry waste (tins, cans and glass) in some areas as a first step to assessing potential for recycling, and implement recommendations to bring the disposal of waste oils and vehicles at Megabid and Mary Hill up to standard.

An update on the report from the Mary Hill Working Group was noted. In this context Members requested that the Fox Bay Village fuel tanks be included in the list of fuel sites requiring bunding. A report from HQBFSAI on the Byron Heights oil spill was noted with satisfaction that all appropriate remedial and preventative actions have been taken.

A report from the Southern Oceans Prison Adviser was received and noted, together with a series of options for dealing with the increased numbers of prisoners. These will be further considered together with an option for some temporary facilities.

It was noted that the upcoming Criminal Procedure and Evidence Bill at over 600 pages is likely to take substantial amounts of Members time in Select Committee. The AG's Chambers and Legislative Assembly offices will co-ordinate to make full and proper scrutiny of the Bill possible. Following this Legislative Drafting priorities for 2014/15 were agreed and will be published for information.

To conclude a proposed form to assess the educational requirements for dependent children of work permit applicants, whose first language is not English, will require further consideration, and a number of applications for Falkland Island status were approved.

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