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Adjournment Speech by Mr Roger Edwards, MLA (27/3)

Motion for Adjournment Speech of the Honourable Mr Roger Edwards, MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I will be very brief. I think the Honourable Phyllis Rendell stole my notes because my jottings were identical to what she was saying.

I, too, enjoyed our trip to the Camp with fellow MLAs and I also would like to thank all those who turned up to those meetings at Goose Green, Port Howard and Fox Bay. I think there was a huge range of subjects raised, the debates were lively and I thank everyone for their efforts in turning out.

One thing that I did pick up from those meetings particularly at Fox Bay was how welcome CBFs local visit to the West was when he was there a week and travelled close on 900 miles and visited 17 farms. I would encourage him to do more visits and I would encourage his senior staff at MPA also to get out and visit the islands because people do appreciate it and I thank him for his visit and the time he has taken to visit the camp but we want more of it.

My Colleagues keep referring to the Camp roads. How can they possibly consider a 1,000km strip of hard-core, more than half of which has never been capped, never been finished, built to take 4 tonne vehicles that are now taking 38 tonne vehicles and we are seeing time and time again, when we try and do one piece of road capping the vehicles break through and we have to stop what we are doing and fill in the hole before we can get back to what we had intended to do.

They are Camp tracks, they are deteriorating and they are becoming more and more dangerous. As my Honourable Colleague Gavin Short is saying, we must find considerable more money because it is no longer a matter of capping or grading. In many cases it is restructuring that road  that track.

I take the point that my Honourable Colleague Mike Summers raised about the importance of the EU to these Islands and as my area for public diplomacy, along with my Colleague, Jan Cheek, is the UK and the European Union and I will be one of the Members attending the JMC later on in the year, I will attempt to have that put on the Agenda. So I thank you for that.

I also agree with the Honourable Gavin Shorts comments about Argentina. But if I added my own list as well, We would all be here until after the lunch break. I will add by saying that when we are discussing environmental problems with thistles I will remind us, please, to get our own house in order first because growing mightily outside the window at Gilbert House, currently about 2ft high is a wonderful milk thistle or whatever you call the yellow-headed ones. We have a perfect example there nicely growing. It must be a good spot to join our rhubarb and horse-radish.

Mr Speaker, I support the Motion.

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