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Adjournment Speech by Mrs Phyl Rendell, MLA (27/3)

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mrs Phyl Rendell, MLA

Mr Speaker, in rising to support the Motion, I just wanted to say a few words about our visit to West Falkland and to Goose Green over the last weekend. I have spoken at length about my portfolio so you have heard enough of that.

I just would like to thank everybody that turned up at Goose Green at the Public meeting last Friday, in the afternoon and again at Fox Bay on Saturday evening. At Goode Green we had people travelling from as far away as Salvador and Port San Carlos. And at Fox Bay we had people from Dunbar, Hill Cove and Port Stevens. I think it was fantastic for them to turn out and drive those distances to be at the public meeting and to speak with us.

The discussions and the questions that were asked were very informative and I take those away and will follow up on many of those. And then, as my Honourable Colleague Gavin Short has referred to in his portfolio update, we did travel a good distance on West Falkland last weekend across South and West. We got down to Port Stephens, Albermale and Port Edgar and also across to Dunnose Head and Shallow Harbour. And my Honourable Colleague, I think, had his first flight in a FIGAS plane for many years coming out of Shallow Harbour. I think it was great that he was willing to go down there and fly from that location.

I appreciate that when we were driving on the roads that it is summer. It certainly has been for the last couple of days and the conditions were pretty good. And I appreciate they are not like that in the winter. But it did give us a good understanding of the distances and the problems and the issues. We cant change infrastructure very rapidly. It does take time but certainly I support the Honourable Roger Edwards comments about roads. We are committed, I believe, as an assembly, to ensure that we do continually put in a resource to improve those roads because so many peoples lives and businesses depend on them and we need to work towards better conditions particularly during the winter months so they can be utilised.

I would like to finish by saying that I, too, agree that people on West Falkland and outer islands and on the East is that we are here at Gilbert house during the week and if they are coming to Stanley they can also make appointments as Stanley people do to see their MLA. So if you are coming into Stanley and youve got 10 minutes to spare, even if you havent much to say but just would like to come and have a chat, please get in touch and we will, whenever possible meet with you.

I support the Motion.

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