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Adjournment Speech by Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA (27/3)


Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I would like to comment first of all on the fact that weve got the biggest audience I can recall for some years. And to welcome especially the students who are in that audience.

One of the things I missed from (Gavins) comment on the Island Plan was his wish for more local staff in the schools. We have had this in train for many, many years and conform that I was probably the first qualified teacher to return in 1969, fairly swiftly followed by the Honourable Phyllis Rendell a few years later. I believe that we still have this in train and a mark of success is I believe that we have two more Islanders returning - I notice the Honourable Barry Elsby nodding  to teach in Stanley this year and possibly another next year.

As I think I said elsewhere, I think we should be justly proud of the grades obtained by our young people.

I have only one other issue to raise this morning and its really a public plea. We have had two instances in the last several days where well intentioned members of the public have taken up cudgels on behalf of others who they think have not been treated fairly or something thats not happening. Unfortunately they are not always in possession of all the facts. And in at least one case ended up embarrassing the very people they aimed to help. So if you are going to start a campaign, be it speaking to Members on face-book or wherever, please speak first to the subject of your campaign and ascertain first that they want you to take it up and before launching the campaign, that you have all the facts.

I support the Motion for Adjournment.

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