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Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Mark Lewis QC:

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Attorney General the Hon Mr Mark Lewis QC:

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, it is very kind to have the privilege to address this Assembly. Normally when I speak I am on the end of questions I have no notice of and sometimes I had no idea what the answer was. At least Claudy tipped me off and I at least spent some of the time listening to your speeches just to jot down a few things that I would like to say.

I gather, Mr Speaker, that there is no time limit on how I report.

I think privilege is the right word. I felt incredibly privileged to hold the role of Attorney General of the Falkland Islands for three years and it has been an absolute privilege.

I look back at what I came here for and the things that I participated in and witnessed. It may sound corny but it has been a life enriching experience since I have been here.

I was privileged to have been here during the 30th anniversary of the conflict. It was a very moving occasion and I fully appreciate that one cant understand what that means from an outside perspective. But being here, listening to and talking to people and being at previous celebrations of the liberation  it has been a privilege.

Being here for the referendum was an absolute privilege and during the preparation for it. I was absolutely delighted when we got a clean bill of health and the observers accepted that we ran a referendum to international standards and we met those. Nobody can point to our referendum and say that there was anything wrong with it at all and it is a clear indication of the Falkland Islands position.

I was privileged to host the Attorney Generals Conference when (inaudible) came down. It was a fantastic event and people went away buzzing from being in the Falkland Islands to comment that they had been here.

I am privileged to experience the way of life. Coming into the community cold and not knowing anybody is not an easy thing to do. I found the people to be universally welcoming. I found it is a community that you get out of what you put into it. And if you make the effort people respond to that and respond positively to it.

As a consequence I had to go sheep shearing. I am told it takes me somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes to shear a sheep. I can also tell you that the sheep did walk away afterwards. I have been out motor-biking with the motor-cross people from Goose Green to Walker Creek and they were very tolerant of me driving on the track while they went about on their motor-cross machines. But I had a fantastic weekend away with them. People wax lyrical about the beautiful wildlife of the Islands and it is all true and I had a great time exploring. It has been a privilege.

The people I worked with has been a privilege as well. I am very pleased to be associated with members of Legislative Assembly. It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with all of you and the previous members that didnt win their seats back and who didnt stand the last time.

I think the Falkland Islands and FIG punch well above their weight. I think you have got some quality people working here and quality staff. I very much enjoyed working with (inaudible). I will have to make a special mention to Ros and my deputy for the job they have done and working so hard. They are excellent people  and Ros an excellent person.

Also I have to mention Barbara Steen who has looked after me completely from day 1 and I am sure she will continue to do so.

I will also mention Archery. I am just grateful that the Falkland Islands indulged me. I do remember at the interview being asked what my hobbies and interests were and I said Archery. And the panel said to bring my kit down and they would help me start. At face value people seemed to like it. More than that there are some people who are very good at it. It was reminiscent of the Star-wars Scene when the student had outgrown the master. So there are members of archers in the Club who are better than me. It grieves me to say that but they are better than me. We did earn a clutch of medals in Guernsey and I am absolutely confident that the team are going to do equally well wherever they compete. There are some very good people there and the Club is strong and will continue on so that is all good.

Theres been some challenging stuff.

We had the Lucy Faithful Foundation down and I think FIG  the Government responded very well to that. Its something I think we can be proud of. We have made progress in a number of areas but it is a challenging role that  I have to say for my part  Attorney General its got to be one of the best jobs in the world.

Thank you.

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