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Adjournment Speech of the Hon Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA

Motion for Adjournment Speech of the Hon Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I do have great sympathy with the words of the Honourable Phyl Rendell on the demands on Members but I wish the members to be present from Tuesday lunchtime to Thursday evening because my experience so far  and we are a few months down the line now  has been that we are required to be available from Monday morning to Friday evening and as late as 1930hrs some evenings recently.

I wouldnt like to think because Camp Members didnt have the time to spend in Stanley that their constituents would be under-represented. If a lot of that work is really important I think what we have to get to the bottom of is:

1. how many meetings do we really need and

2. when are you supposed to do your work to prepare for those meetings or

3. work created or work created or OKd (approved) by those meetings

This is something that we all have to focus on pretty sharply within the next few weeks.

At our 12th of December meeting I mentioned the excellent Lucy Faithful Foundation report. And I said that I looked forward to seeing the recommendations implemented, particularly the one for public education and I was pleased to hear the Honourable Mike Summers allude to that.

We need to help parents and all others responsible for children to protect their children and for the children to protect themselves. In a world where they are bombarded constantly by TV, popular music, strongly sexualised images, its difficult for them to know when something is wrong. And that campaign is very important and it needs to touch upon all electronic means by which abusers can now operate in.

I am aware that the Safeguarding Committee and the departments concerned are working very hard. But I would hate to see further delay. Cases are emerging almost as we speak and we need to address that without any further delay.

On a much happier note we really missed the opportunity at our last meeting to say our farewells to Governor Nigel Haywood. I am sure most of us somehow assumed that he would still here at the time of this meeting. We werent really focused on which flight he was getting. He has been a rightly popular Governor. He was tremendously helpful to Members over the several years that we built up the public diplomacy campaign. His advice in that was invaluable. He will be remembered, I think, as one of the most hospitable Governors. He did list the number of occasions that the recently decorated chef had catered for which many, many residents and visitors enjoyed. And he did it all with a great sense of humour which I am sure continued as the planned detonations at his final parade did not go off as planned.

And of course I join others in wishing our Attorney General, Mark Lewis the very best for the future and thank him for all his work.

I support the Motion.

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