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Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Mike Summers MLA

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Hon Mr Mike Summers MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I seem to have spoken rather a lot today so I will be brief. I would like to wish Mark all the best for the future after he leaves and if I could just say the same on behalf of our absent Colleague today the Honourable Roger Edwards who couldnt be here for medical reasons. And I should have mentioned that earlier when I answered the question on his behalf. We wish you the very best for your future.

I would like to thank the Honourable Barry Elsby for raising the issue of Child protection in his Motion for Adjournment last Month whilst I was absent overseas on a matter of business. It is an important issue. We have had the opportunity actually today to speak quite a lot about child protection. It is the theme for this quarter for this Assembly and we will continue to make sure that the children in our society understand the dangers that may be out there. It is still by in large a very safe society. Lets not get ourselves over-exercised about this  a very safe society for children and my little grandchildren and your grandchildren are free to walk around the streets. But there are issues we need to be conscious of and we need to deal with  and we will deal with that.

There is to be a programme of public education starting relatively soon and again I will raise that issue in the Safeguarding Board this afternoon to make sure the public campaign starts as soon as we reasonably can. Its a good time for it to be happening because the context is there.

The other issue is to remind everybody that  assuming the air-bridge took off from Ascension a few hours ago, the Queens Baton will arrive at Mount Pleasant this afternoon at 1500hrs. There is a very busy programme for the rest of the afternoon, all day tomorrow and for Saturday morning that I hope is available to everybody. But in particular this evening at 1830hrs at the Jetty Centre the Queens Baton will arrive on a launch from HMS Clyde and be formally received at the Jetty Centre. So I hope all members present and all members of the public who can, will be there waving flags and supporting. This is the build-up for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in July and I hope we will put on a really good show.

I support the Motion.

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