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Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mr Gavin Short, MLA

Motion for Adjournment Speech by the Honourable Mr Gavin Short, MLA

Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to speak to the Motion for Adjournment  it is quite amusing at the moment for a died in the wool townie but what I am going to speak to sounds almost like Camp matters so maybe there is some sort of conversion going on here.

This is sub-relating to PWD. The Honourable Phyllis Rendell and myself together with the Assistant Roads Engineer, Sabastian Reed, went for a two-day whistle-stop tour of roads of the East which, of course are very important since I have it in my portfolio to see what is like out there. We didnt get to every road  we didnt quite get down to North Arm or indeed up to Cape Dolphin and Salvador but I have every intention of going to those places before I am done. I have every intention of going back when the winter is here when I can see the roads at their worst. One thing that came very much through to me as we travelled is the materials used on the various sections of the road that vary greatly. Some of it is very good other stuff I certainly believe Sharon (Halford)  shes going to write about it  so it has given me a greater understanding of what folk in Camp have to put up with. It certainly hasnt made me an expert on roads. I think for that you actually have to be out and living in the Camp 24/7.

The Road Show moves on to the West next month which will be over there for a couple of days and we have every intention of going back after that to have a look around. I am told some of the hills on the East actually scared me slightly but I am told they are nothing compared to what we see on the West. I will probably sneak a bottle of Gin out there just to calm myself.

But I look forward to getting on to the West and meeting and speaking with people because they are what it is all about. Its the people who drive the roads so they are the best to tell me what it is all about. So I look forward to that.

(I would give) just a quick Heads up. There is a problem with a causeway out to the wreck. We were off the mark in identifying which causeway it was but it has now been identified and and I believe the Transport Advisory Committee has been aware and approved the expenditure of monies to get that done. It was actually a safety issue and one side of the causeway was eaten away and at high tide water comes right over the causeway. Somebody not knowing the hole was there could easily put a wheel into it. I am glad that is now going to be fixed.

I certainly would like to thank Grald out at the wreck for his patience. Of course when he was phoning me about it I had yet to see this causeway.

I would like very much like to associate myself with comments that have gone before about the Camp Sports. I have only been to one Camp Sports at Fitzroy and that nearly killed me and I have never been back since. What I would say is to some it may look like a strange condition. But what I would gently lecture on, people, is it is our tradition  it is our country and its up to people in Camp if they wish to change the way they do things  thats them but I dont think we should be trying to force anything on them.

Grass Cutting in Stanley  I would apologise for the pretty rough start but we have made some adjustments and I believe things are going a lot better now and I hope that continues.

We have had a couple of visiting groups over here recently  we had the Uruguayan Parliamentarians with Jamie Trevero who we have seen before. It was good to see them back and I think they went away with a far better understanding of what the Falklands are all about and what we are all about and our right to exist and to trade with who we want how we want. We have another group within the Islands now made up from Uruguay and Chile we met with yesterday. And I think they will go away with a far better understanding of what the Falklands are all about.

We certainly will continue to travel the world and we are working toward one or two trips away now which I wont give details in this House because I dont want to flag the enemy what we are up to. But there is no substitute for getting people down and letting them live amongst us for that week and talk to who they want to and find out the Falklands are not down trodden and a colony dependent on the British Government.

We have the budget galloping up towards us. In the Election Campaign I toted up some of the promises that were made that would make the Falklands bankrupt three times over. So reality bites in a couple of weeks time when we have to sit down and systematically decide how we are going to divide up the money for the benefit of our people in the country.

And finally, before sitting down, I, too, would like to associate myself with thanks extended to the Attorney General. Mark it has been great working with you. Also thank you for your work with the Archery as well. That is something that really has taken off in the Falklands and indeed we came back clutching medals from our first foray so thank you for that.

I found you to be a thoroughly decent chap.

Thank you very much.

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