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Motion for Adjournment: The Hon Mr Roger Edwards, MLA 30/01

Motion for Adjournment: The Hon Mr Roger Edwards, MLA

Obviously getting to speak last in front of television cameras is very important. I, too, welcome Sukey to the House and it is sad that she is not accompanied by the MPs that were due to come down. I also welcome Anton Livermore to the House as Deputy Speaker.

I welcome Television Cameras into this House. Already this morning I notice there has been a slight shift and a change in the way some members respond to those cameras.

I am pleased that we passed the Motion for the Budget Select Committee to get it up and running. We have a huge task ahead of us to match priorities with funds available. I know that meetings with Government at Goose Green and on the West at Fox Bay with David Smethurst have increased the length of the wish list and possibly peoples expectations. I went to one meeting where we assumed that items were critical, essential or a wish. And the essential item alone was something like three times the annual budget. That was at one meeting so goodness knows what else in other meetings are like. I really do believe the figure quoted from me in Penguin News this morning of 1,057 different priorities on the list is probably about right.

It will be a long, hard fight to satisfy all Members wishes and we will have to be extremely careful not to spend money we do not yet have.

We have seen little movement regarding fuel stocks  petrol, gas and kero on West Falkland. And I look forward to the return of Simon Fletcher when I hear the outcomes of his various discussions and deliberations with Stanley Services. Hopefully we can get something underway when Simon is back.

I was going to mention roads but I have already done so and will not repeat that.

I would now call upon the nation to assist with the economy on the Falkland Islands. Its a bit off the wall but during my walk around the Treasury the other day, I discovered that to produce a penny costs 3.5p. And I would assume to produce a two-penny bit would be something in excess of 0.02p  greatly in excess of 0.02p. So I would ask that everyone would look out their copper pennies and two-pence coins and bring them back into circulation rather than leaving them in a jar, as I tend to do. It is time I brought them back into circulation and I would urge the rest of the population to do the same.

Mr Speaker, I support the Motion.

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