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Motion for Adjournment: The Hon Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA 30/01

Motion for Adjournment: The Hon Mrs Jan Cheek

Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I, too, think that the Honourable Gavin Short was a little disturbed by the assumption that we could change standing rules and orders of this assembly without a formal decision of the House, for example by putting a new time limit on adjournment speeches. It doesnt affect me because I am always brief. But it may be thought to infringe the freedom of speech of those who wish to speak for longer and to range wider through many issues.

The other changes fit into existing orders. And members may encourage others to speak for a shorter period at present they are not inclined to do so.

I wanted to use this forum as well as others have by following penguin News to remind members of the public that for those who want a more detailed discussion then they can have it at a public meeting where many are inclined to speak. With one or two members and away from cameras and microphones they can do so each Wednesday afternoon. The names of the two members available will be in penguin news each week. We only had one taker yesterday but we hope interest will grow.

And finally I would like to endorse what the Honourable Michael Poole said that what a pleasure it is to see our London Representative, Sukey Cameron in the audience and obviously we much appreciate all the work done in London on our behalf. And I would like not to forget the regular praise that we hear for the care and attention given to medical patients overseas and the great help they get from FIGO Office in London.

I support the Motion.

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