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Motion for Adjournment: The Hon Mr Michael Poole (12/13)

MP: Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable members  one month in and my second Motion for Adjournment (speech) so I hope I will be a little bit more coherent than the first one. We will see if I live up to that.

I would like to begin just by offering my congratulations to the team at the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute who had some very good news recently about a couple of big funding awards they have been successful with. I think that the institute itself is a real success story for the previous Government and it was set up not that long ago. Its well ahead of schedule in terms of its development. It is meeting a number of its targets and I think its really sending it off the ground. And projections we have seen recently, we are talking about substantial amounts of money coming into the Islands for scientific and environmental research, which is extremely positive.

I also want to highlight another issue that the Honourable Mike Summers referred to last month regarding the monopolistic practices of the bank that we currently have in the Islands. We have been talking to the Development Corporation recently and there is a lot of consultation going on about setting up a credit union. The response to that consultation was somewhat disappointing. There were only about 20 responses I believe but I dont think that should put us off. This is an extremely important issue and competition in that field I think is desperately needed and I hope that I can help with my Colleague, the Honourable Jan Cheek, in driving that forward with the Development Corporation and hopefully some of the core business sector as well.

I would also just like to pass on my thanks to the team at the Tourist Board who are going to have a busy Christmas period coming up. They are in on the 24th, 25th, 26th,27th  New Years Eve as well and I know there are a number of people across Government and the private sector as well to have to do some more things but they do work very hard and I think they should be recognised for that.

And I would really like to finish by  as this is the last Legislative Assembly meeting of the current year just to finish by wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am particularly looking forward to the 100th Boxing Day Sports Meeting and I really hope it goes ahead.

Thank you Mr Speaker. I support the Motion.

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