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IJS & CE Archery Club Shooting Above the Odds

IJS & CE Archery Club Press Release.

The last seven weeks has seen the biggest group of students taking part in the IJS &CE Archery Club including two from Camp - Tyler Hobman and Thomas McGhie - making a total of 20 in all. Half were complete novices and of the remaining 10 only 2 were experienced archers with the remainder having shot a little before which presented a challenge, but with expert help of parents in the form of Alan Fowler and Paul Ellis and members of Falklands Archery Ass. (FAA), they were soon shooting at a level in which they can be proud of. Falkland Archery support this club in a big way providing equipment and staff to run it including 3 new ambidextrous bows and 3 new foam bosses. Steve Cartwright and Barbara Steen donated their son Jacks beginners bow and arrows to the club at the beginning of this set of lessons and we are now quite well equipped. It also meant that each young archer had the sole use of a single bow throughout each lesson. All novice archers start off for the first two weeks shooting their bow without sights  bare bow - to get a feel for a bow. A simple sight is then introduced and a more advanced technique of shooting is introduced, moving them from the style of Robin Hood or Native North American people, to the style that you would recognise as used by an Olympic archer. The children take to it with ease and soon see their scores climb. Its at this point we start recording their scores and by the end of the next 5 weeks we see many doubling their hit rates and scores. Archery is one of the few sports where boys and girls can compete on an equal footing and the results clearly show this. Top novice archer on the day was Regan Newman with a score of 200. Tyrone Henry led the charge of those who had used a bow a few times with a score of 192 showing that the simple sights are not a handicap. John McLeod, the only left handed archer had an outstanding shoot on the day and scored 145 improving his score three fold. Top scorers on the day were Caitlin Fowler & Connor McLeod whom are both junior members for FAA but were an inspiration to others in showing their skills with a bow and arrow. Connor came out on the day with the highest score by just 1 point, but more importantly, both were awarded the much coveted Gold Certificate awarded to archers scoring more than 270 out of 300 points or an average of 9 points out of 10 per arrow. MLA Barry Elsby, portfolio holder for Education and Sport came to IJS to present all 18 out of the 20 who graded in archery with their certificates and target faces for which they all worked so hard for.

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