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Pastoral Visit to Tristan

Pastoral Visit to Tristan

After a very smooth sailing, on the S.A Agulhas, from Capetown, it was with joy and no small measure of excitement that I saw Tristan Da Cunha for the very first time. This was on the morning of Wednesday, 14th September 2005.

I was met by
Mrs Anne Green, the Chief Islander and Mr Dereck Rogers- both of whom are members of the Church Leadership Team on the Island.

On Sunday,18th September 2005 the Church of St Joseph was full to witness the Confirmation of
Sasha Anne Green and Philip John Rogers. At the same Mass, young Rachel Emma Green made her first Holy Communion. There were Celebratory parties in, each of their homes, afterwards.

In fact, attending parties for all sorts of occasion,(Wedding, Christening, Birthday and all) was the hallmark of my short three week stay.
Another highlight was the guided tour that Mr James Glass, The former Chief Islander, and his wife Felicity gave me of the whole Settlement area, We travelled in his land rover to the 'patches (allotments) at the Western most point. There I saw both Inaccessible Island and Nightingale Island on the horizon of the South Atlantic Ocean. Then we travelled to the Eastern most point to where the Volcano of 1961 erupted.

Finally the church celebrated 'Graveyard Sunday' on the 2nd October 2005. After Mass of healing (during which an anointing of the sick took place) The entire congregation processed in silence to the three grave yards, We prayed over those who were laid to rest there and each grave was blessed starting from first to be buried on Tristan ( Corporal William Glass) to the latest. It was a very morning occasion indeed.

I look forward, very much, to my next visit to Tristan which, with the help of God, will again be this

time next year.

(Mgr) Michael. B.

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