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Financial Information and News
19 February 2015
FINN would like to thank the Falklands' PR Office for this comprehensive report. more...
17 February 2015
Correction of the 2/17/15 article. The newly formed Falklands Public Relations Office has issued details of Tuesday's incident. more...
14 February 2015
The Falklands Islands Pensions Board is pleased to announce that HM Revenue & Customs in the United Kingdom has approved the Falkland Islands Pensions Scheme (FIPS) as a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme (QROPS). more...
14 February 2015
British Ambassadors, Her Excellency Ambassador Fiona Clouder (Chile),His Excellency Ambassador Alex Ellis (Brasil) and His Excellency Ambassador Ben Lyster-Binns (Uruguay) are visiting the Falklands for a week more...
14 February 2015
Executive Council (ExCo) has approved an extension of Stanley Services Ltd.’s exclusive licence for the importation of Hydrocarbons into the Falkland Islands and its territorial waters, until the year 2023. more...
11 February 2015
This was a brief meeting with only a few papers. Members agreed that Harbour Dues could be waived for the vessel Endeavour, more...
04 February 2015
Martin Winward (Head Teacher of FICS) and Steve Dent (Invenio FI) discussed the recent outbound trip to Trinidad, which has resulted in several key agreements being signed between training and education providers in Trinidad and the Falkland Islands. Mike Brough (FIG Oil & Gas Programme Manager and the Hon Mr Ian Hansen also went to Trinidad & Tobago but did not attend a press conference held on 04 February 2015 more...
04 February 2015
Following a single vehicle road traffic accident on the morning of Saturday 31st January, which resulted in significant damage to the bridge over the Malo River on the North Camp Road more...
04 February 2015
FIDC and the Chamber of Commerce are running a second follow-up survey to the Business Climate Survey 2014. more...
29 January 2015
A meeting of legislative Assembly took place at 0900hrs on Thursday, 29 January 2015. more...
29 January 2015
A public meeting was held in the Falkland Islands Chamber of commerce function room at 1700hrs on Monday, 26 January 2015. Present were MLAs Summers, Elsby, Cheek, Rendell, Poole, Short and Edwards. more...
29 January 2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, this bill makes a number of amendments to the Falkland Islands pension Scheme Ordinance which the Pension Board has been considering over the last five years. more...
29 January 2015
When reading the minutes from the previous ExCo meeting, yet again, the ongoing difficulties in relation to FM radio coverage were noted and it was acknowledged that work is ongoing in this area. more...
29 January 2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I have responsibilities for the Emergency Services, which include Customs and immigration, the Royal Falkland Islands Police, the Fire and Rescue Service and FIDF, as well as the Health and Medical Services Committee and Housing. more...
29 January 2015
MR Speaker, Honourable Members, I would like to thank the Honourable Gavin Short for his lengthy update on the Public Works Department but I’d like to make one request and one observation. more...
29 January 2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, it gives me great pleasure to report on the goings-on in the Public Works Department. more...
29 January 2015
Mr Speaker I would just like to thank the Honourable Mike Summers for that very full report – a very interesting report, too. more...
26 January 2015
Barry Elsby asked Len McGill to talk about what the police were doing behind the scenes to prevent upsetting the general public. more...
26 January 2015
In this part of the interview you will hear what he has to say about Fisheries. more...
26 January 2015
A public meeting was held in the Falkland Islands Chamber of commerce function room at 1700hrs on Monday, 26 January 2015. more...
17 January 2015
The 240th anniversary of Possession Day, when Captain James Cook on HMS Endeavour took possession of South Georgia Island in the name of King George III was marked with a reception at Government House in Stanley. more...
15 January 2015
The North Arm Road is currently undergoing a full reconstruction by PJ McKay and Son Ltd more...
13 January 2015
One of the last venues Sir Mark Thatcher attended in the Falklands was a traditional smoko hosted by parents of students in the Education system. more...
12 November 2014
First paper we discussed was setting Fishing Access Fees for 2015. John Barton, Director of Natural Resources attended and MLA Rendell excused herself for this discussion. more...
05 October 2013
BFBS is making some changes to its delivery of television to the public of the Falkland Islands from the 15th of October. more...
08 May 2008
Analysts seem baffled as to why, when supplies are good, the price of crude goes sky high. We wait and see if the good supply is due to weakening demand from newly poor would be road users who have been assaulted once too often at the pump. more...
06 February 2007
A jump in demand due to extremely cold weather in the North-eastern United States helped to increase the price of crude today. more...
15 January 2007
Fears that OPEC will cut production for the third time in four months have elped to increase the price of crude today. more...
07 December 2005
Find out what happened during this important meeting. more...

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