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Financial Information and News
20 October 2014
The Falkland Islands Government has advised that following storm damage earlier in the year to the Medium Wave Radio system, more...
20 October 2014
Crude price declines could affect the costs and methods of extracting hydrocarbons around the Falklands but those in the industry here should be aware of why the prices are declining. more...
20 October 2014
A public consultation will be carried out by the Falkland Islands Government between the 20th October and the 7th November 2014 more...
20 October 2014
It was with sadness when I read the British Antarctic Survey announced the death of one of its former directors. more...
20 October 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to support the Motion I would like to mention a couple of things. more...
20 October 2014
Mrs. Clare Faulds has been selected for the role of Senior Magistrate and Coroner to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands. more...
20 October 2014
Members considered two papers on FIPASS. The first sets out the programme of capital works required on FIPASS which will be the subject of a series of requests for tender from the private sector. more...
03 October 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I just want to make some brief comments in this closing session on the referendum in Scotland and the importance of it to us. more...
03 October 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I will keep my comments brief but I would also like to associate myself with the comments made by the Honourable Mike Summers in relation to the recent Scottish referendum. more...
03 October 2014
MR Speaker, Honourable Colleagues, once again my Honourable Colleague, Phyl Rendell has been looking over my shoulder and looking at my few notes. more...
03 October 2014
Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, sadly the only time I will speak today is a series of apologies. more...
03 October 2014
Trevor Hines, UK Trade and Investment representative at the British Embassy in Santiago, Chile, is visiting the Falklands for a week to assess the state of businesses in the Falklands and to make useful contacts. more...
03 October 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I, too, would like to take on a few points but I would like to first start with the Museum. more...
03 October 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to support the Motion I want to begin with talking about the extreme weather conditions that we have experienced recently. more...
29 September 2014
The first paper was a Supplementary Appropriation Bill. This Bill covers supplementary expenditure amounting to £3,781,430 approved by standing finance committee on 25th June and 27th August. more...
29 September 2014
The Agriculture and Natural Resources Division (ANRD) would like to advise the public that there have been 3 further outbreaks of Newcastle Disease in chickens, in and around the New Ground area. more...
25 September 2014
A meeting of Legislative Assembly took place at 0900hrs on Thursday, 25 September 2014 in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall. more...
25 September 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, it is my pleasure to provide a portfolio report for the Attorney General’s Directorate and the Treasury. more...
23 September 2014
David Honan has recently arrived on Island for a two year contract in the Police Service, where he will specialise as a Sexual Offences Investigator. more...
05 October 2013
BFBS is making some changes to its delivery of television to the public of the Falkland Islands from the 15th of October. more...
08 May 2008
Analysts seem baffled as to why, when supplies are good, the price of crude goes sky high. We wait and see if the good supply is due to weakening demand from newly poor would be road users who have been assaulted once too often at the pump. more...
06 February 2007
A jump in demand due to extremely cold weather in the North-eastern United States helped to increase the price of crude today. more...
07 December 2005
Find out what happened during this important meeting. more...

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