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Financial Information and News
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable colleagues, firstly let me say a very big welcome to Peter Judge, our new Attorney General who is sitting here with us today and was sworn in earlier. more...
20 April 2014
The FIDC Business Climate Survey 2014 was distributed to businesses electronically on Tuesday the 1st April 2014. more...
20 April 2014
A new Attorney General, Mr Peter Judge QC, has taken over the post from Mr Mark Lewis, who has completed his contract and left the Falklands. more...
20 April 2014
The introduction of a number of tax reliefs designed to facilitate growth in the rural economy are being considered by the Falkland Islands Government. more...
20 April 2014
Executive Council this week consisted of 2 parts; the ordinary Executive Council and the Budget Executive Council where papers that need to go to the Budget Select Committee were reviewed and sent on for further discussion and public consultation where appropriate more...
20 April 2014
A meeting of Legislative Assembly took place in the court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall at 0900hrs on Thursday, 27 March 2014. more...
20 April 2014
Thank you Mr Speaker. I am going to speak today about Natural Resources. The fishery is particularly topical at the moment as there is a lot of fishing effort going on and it is absolutely key to our economy. more...
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I would like to thank the Honourable Roger Edwards for his comments regarding my visit to West Falkland last week more...
20 April 2014
Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable Members this is my second portfolio update and similar to my Honourable Colleagues I tend to focus in on three issues today that I didnt cover in January more...
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, as is normal I would like to start with a brief gallop around the Public Works Department keeping some headline issues that happened over the past few weeks before concentrating on one section. And I do apologise if this is a slightly long report Mr Speaker. more...
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I would like to comment first of all on the fact that weve got the biggest audience I can recall for some years. And to welcome especially the students who are in that audience. more...
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, in rising to support the Motion, I just wanted to say a few words about our visit to West Falkland and to Goose Green over the last weekend. I have spoken at length about my portfolio so you have heard enough of that. more...
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I just wanted to talk today about some overseas issues. more...
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, in rising to support and speak to the Motion for Adjournment I will probably get myself into all sorts of trouble here because I am going to doing things that you should not do like repeating subjects that have been covered. more...
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I will be very brief. I think the Honourable Phyllis Rendell stole my notes because my jottings were identical to what she was saying. more...
20 April 2014
Thank you Mr Speaker, Honourable members, there are just two things from me. more...
20 April 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, yes, I too am pleased to see many students here today and Byron, as you know, has been working with members and with the staff at Gilbert House. more...
20 April 2014
That this House recommends the adoption of the Draft Islands Plan 2014 to 2018 more...
31 March 2014
Press speculation about Papal help in starting negotiations over the Falkland Islands has been ripe since the Argentine President, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner had lunch with the Pope in his Vatican residence this week. more...
05 October 2013
BFBS is making some changes to its delivery of television to the public of the Falkland Islands from the 15th of October. more...
08 May 2008
Analysts seem baffled as to why, when supplies are good, the price of crude goes sky high. We wait and see if the good supply is due to weakening demand from newly poor would be road users who have been assaulted once too often at the pump. more...
06 February 2007
A jump in demand due to extremely cold weather in the North-eastern United States helped to increase the price of crude today. more...
07 December 2005
Find out what happened during this important meeting. more...

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