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Financial Information and News
23 April 2016
The first large passenger jet aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 (ZS-ZWG), touched down at St Helena’s new Airport shortly after 12.00 noon on Monday, 18 April 2016, more...
23 April 2016
One event will be a reading of “Much A Do About Nothing on 30 April 2016 at the parish Hall. more...
23 April 2016
few days of celebration in the Falkland Islands marked the 90th birthday of H M the Queen. more...
23 April 2016
I would mention briefly a bit more about Fox Bay. more...
23 April 2016
Local authorities confirmed that Illex squid capture has been low this fishing season in the Falkland Islands, a situation that could lead island Governmnet to the reimbursement of the purchased licenced fees to catch the cephalopod. more...
16 April 2016
It was reported from the meeting of ExCo held on 9 March, that there was a potential loss to FIG of up to £89,500 due to the insolvency of a supplier of equipment to the Power Station. Legal services have worked to mitigate the loss that is now anticipated to be less than £30,000 and the transformers ordered are expected to be retrieved. more...
16 April 2016
Under Section 35 of the Planning Ordinance 1991, the Governor [in Executive Council] is authorised to, “issue of circulars, notes or guidance in relation to the determination of applications for planning permission”. more...
11 April 2016
To the online newspapers below – and many more besides – why are you quoting FOGL when the Company’s Shares were suspended from the London Stock Exchange on 18 January 2016? more...
06 April 2016
The UK Overseas Territories Association (UKOTA) represents the collective interests of the UK’s 12 inhabited Overseas Territories, which are self-governing and have their own elected governments. more...
31 March 2016
A series of events to mark the SAR handover to its new civilian operators took place on Thursday, 31 Mar 16. more...
30 March 2016
Several UK and Argentine media Outlets have reported that in a statement, the Argentine coastguard announced that one of its vessels had fired warning shots at the Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010 more...
30 March 2016
FIG has confirmed the appointment of a new Head of Courts and Tribunal Service. James Brooks will be arriving in the Islands in early April to take up the position. more...
24 March 2016
A meeting of Legislative Assembly took place at Port Howard, West Falkland on Thursday, 24 March 2016 beginning at 0900hrs. Present were members of the community as well as Mrs Cherie Clifford, Deputy Clerk of Council (CC), The Hon Mr Keith Biles, Speaker of the House (KB), Mr Peter Judge, Attorney General (PJ), the Hon Mrs Nicola Granger, Financial Secretary (NG) and Commodore Daren Bone, CBFSAI (DB). MPs present were Edwards (RE), Elsby (BE), Hansen (IH), Poole (MP), Rendell (PR), Summers (MS) and Short (GS). The Hon Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA was not present due to the poor weather conditions. more...
24 March 2016
Could the Honourable Mike Summers OBE please describe what measures have been put in place so far to fulfil the first Islands Plan Health objective for this Assembly, which states that the Assembly will “place renewed emphasis on health prevention and promote healthy and active lifestyles to reduce the requirement for costly treatments (at home and overseas) in the longer-term”. Could he highlight any recent initiatives that will be of interest the public and in particular, what work is being done to address obesity levels in young people. more...
24 March 2016
Mr Speaker, Honourable members, I would like to update the House on my main portfolio responsibility which is mainly Education. more...
24 March 2016
NG: Mr Speaker, Honourable members, this is the second Supplementary Appropriation Bill to be presented for the current financial year. Its purpose is to authorize the withdrawal of the additional sum of £702,560.00 from the consolidated fund to meet supplementary expenditure approved by the Standing Finance Committee between September 2015 and February 2016. more...
23 March 2016
Today the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) launches its consultations on two proposals as part of its review of GSGSSI legislation.. more...
21 March 2016
A public meeting was held in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the town hall at 1700hrs on Monday, 21 March 2016. more...
09 March 2016
A policy was agreed to ratify payment of a second on-call doctor where the first on-call doctor does not have vital specialisms. In practice this is normally obstetrics. more...
08 February 2016
A group of 4 Members of Parliament from England will be visiting the Falkland Islands as guests of FIG from 11 – 16 February, more...
12 December 2015
The Yorkshire Post reports that Fast-Form Systems has won a £200,000 contract with the Ministry of Defence to help build three soldiers’ accommodation blocks on remote hilltop sites in the Falklands. more...
22 June 2015
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, I would very much like to thank all the Treasury Staff for all the work they put in to preparing the budget and indeed the Policy Department and all those Directors in the Government and less of that have to contribute to the budget process. more...
08 May 2008
Analysts seem baffled as to why, when supplies are good, the price of crude goes sky high. We wait and see if the good supply is due to weakening demand from newly poor would be road users who have been assaulted once too often at the pump. more...
15 January 2007
Fears that OPEC will cut production for the third time in four months have elped to increase the price of crude today. more...
07 December 2005
Find out what happened during this important meeting. more...

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