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News from St Helena
02 July 2016
The agenda for today’s ExCo was quite lengthy, with five items on the Open Agenda. As usual, there were also a number of important issues raised during Any Other Business. more...
02 July 2016
The road at New Bridge will be closed from 9am to 3pm on Wednesday 6 July 2016 to enable Connect Saint Helena Ltd to upgrade the sewage line at the General Hospital. more...
02 July 2016
St Helena Customs & Excise apologises to passengers who disembarked the RMS yesterday for the lengthy delays in obtaining cabin baggage. more...
02 July 2016
The Director of Environment & Natural Resources (ENRD), Trevor Graham, will be leaving St Helena with his family on Friday 1 July 2016. more...
02 July 2016
A major milestone for St Helena Government was marked on Wednesday 29 June 2016, more...
28 June 2016
Waste Management Services has been working on efficient and sustainable processes to manage and reduce the issue of flies and maggots in wheelie bins more...
28 June 2016
The St Helena Safeguarding Children Board is pleased to report that the majority of registered Crèches and Childminders on the Island have successfully passed the necessary inspections required to renew their registration for providing child care services on St Helena. more...
28 June 2016
The UK voted yesterday to leave the European Union (EU) by 52%, versus 48% to remain. Prime Minister David Cameron today announced that he will step down by October 2016. more...
28 June 2016
On Wednesday 15 June 2016 the Police Directorate welcomed special guest, Ashley George of Sapper Way, who spent the day with the Police. more...
28 June 2016
The Landscape & Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP) - part of St Helena’s Airport Project - has gifted specially grown plants to the residents of Rupert’s Valley (pictured) in recognition of the impact airport construction has had on the community. more...

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