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Financial Information and News
29 August 2014
A meeting of Legislative Assembly took place at 0900hrs on Thursday, 28 August 2014 at the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall. more »
29 August 2014
telecommunications services in the Falkland Islands will be carried out from Friday 29th August 2014 until Friday 26th September 2014. more »
28 August 2014
Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, it has been quite a while since I have given a report on the Public Works Department and there has been a fair bit going on since I last reported to the House. more »
27 August 2014
The first paper of the day was the Financial Business Case for a New Port and the Director of Central Services (DCS) attended for this item. more »
26 August 2014
YPF Discovers O&G In Patagonia - Good News for Argentina and helpful news for the Falklands’ Oil industry more »
23 August 2014
The next stage of development for the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Bill and the Crimes Bill began with the Bills being placed in the Gazette on the 15th August 2014. more »
23 August 2014
Clare Cockwell, a West Falkland resident is off to the University of Oxford later this year, after being announced as the Falkland Islands’ newest Chevening Scholar. more »
23 August 2014
St Helena Government is pleased to announce that the volunteer crew of the RMS St Helena who, along with HMS Ledbury and HMS Brecon, sailed to the Falkland Islands during the conflict in 1982, are able to apply to be the proud recipients of the South Atlantic Medal (without rosette). more »
18 August 2014
Present were The Hon Mr roger Edwards, MLA, the Hon Mr Mike Summers, MLA, the Hon Mrs Jan Cheek, MLA, the Hon Mrs Phyl Rendell, MLA, the Hon Mr Michael Poole, MLA, and the Hon Gavin Short, MLA. Dr the Hon Barry Elsby and the Hon Mr Ian Hansen did not attend. more »
18 August 2014
A public meeting was held in the court and Assembly Chamber of the town hall at 1700hrs on Monday, 18 august 2014. more »
18 August 2014
I think the payroll still gives people headaches. Quite a few departments are still struggling with it and having to spend a lot of their time going through it. more »
18 August 2014
Phil Middleton added that the other thing striking him with the privatisation issue was it made sense to take people already doing the job and who have cross-over experience to continue with employment under new management. more »
05 October 2013
BFBS is making some changes to its delivery of television to the public of the Falkland Islands from the 15th of October. more »
06 February 2007
A jump in demand due to extremely cold weather in the North-eastern United States helped to increase the price of crude today. more »
17 August 2006
Find out what happened during this important committee meeting. more »
07 December 2005
Find out what happened during this important meeting. more »
Teaberry Express
08 December 2005
Islanders were concerned when they heard of Baroness Thatcher's hospitalisation on Wednesday. Photo (c) J. Brock (FINN) Baroness Thatcher and the late Dennis Thatcher in Goose Green in 1992. more »
07 December 2005
A brief run-down of South Atlantic news. more »
07 December 2005
A brief run-down of South Atlantic news more »
04 October 2005
Monsignor McPartland has paid his first visit to Tristan da Cunha. more »
The Craft of Journalism
02 August 2008
We begin in 2007 when it was decided to update "The Young Man and Journalism" by the late Chester Sanders Lord and to focus that update on what is happening to the craft in the South Atlantic Islands. more »
14 June 2008
Interested people should realise what is going to happen to them when they enter into journalism as a career. Today’s it is quite different than it was when “The Young Man and Journalism” was written. Photos (C) J. Brock (FINN) more »
03 May 2008
Chester Sanders Lord was my Great Uncle. Though he died a good 13 years before I was born we have the same passion - Journalism. more »
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